Seven Year NHL ESPN TV Deal Beginning 2021


ESPN Networks reaches seven year deal to bring NHL Games back on ESPN

ESPN Network have entered a seven year NHL ESPN TV Deal starting 2021.

The agreement signed runs through 2027-28 season will give ESPN steaming and media rights to bring back NHL on ESPN Networks.

NHL on ESPN will have

  • Exclusive coverage of Stanley Cup Final on ABC in four of the seven years of the agreement to present on ESPN+ and additional ESPN networks
  • Live NHL action to ESPN networks with 25 exclusive national regular-season games on ABC or ESPN
  • 75 national regular-season games per season produced by ESPN that will stream exclusively on both ESPN+ and Hulu
  • Half of the Stanley Cup Playoffs on ABC and ESPN each season and
  • Coverage annually of NHL’s Face-off
  • For ESPN+ subscribers will have a privilege to watch NHL’s out-of-market streaming package, with more than 1,000 games.

    ESPN holds the International media rights – including in Latin America, the Caribbean and parts of Europe – are also part of the agreement.

    NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said “This partnership of the world’s top hockey league and the platforms of The Walt Disney Company is a big win for our fans and our game. Not only will this groundbreaking, seven-year deal enable the NHL to benefit from the incomparable power, reach and influence of The Walt Disney Company and ABC/ESPN, it sets a new standard in delivering our game to the most passionate and tech-savvy fans in sports in the ways they now demand and on the platforms they use.”

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