ESPN 8: The Ocho 2021 Broadcast Schedule


ESPN2 re-brands as ESPN8: The Ocho during the marathon featuring 24 hours of unique programming returing on Friday, Aug. 6. There will be preview days of ESPN8: The Ocho on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday that will give fans a taste of what is to come.

The Ocho will be live from the 2021 American Cornhole League (ACL) World Championships in Rock Hill, S.C at 9 p.m. ET. ESPN’s Ryan McGee and Marty Smith will participate in the ACL Celebrity Throwdown alongside football legends and ACL Pros. 2021 ESPN8: The Ocho programming include:

    • Table Shuffleboard Crazy Eights: Competitors meet in Dallas, Texas for a variation of traditional shuffleboard that gives every player equal chance to win. The goal is to accomplish a hanger in which four points are scored – which is the maximum amount possible – and is achieved by getting the weight to hang over the end of the board.
    • Minecraft: Battle of the Boroughs: Students/players are tasked with designing and building up a virtual city in the game that empowers sustainable communities.
    • Pogopalooza: The world championship of extreme pogo, this game features the best pogo athletes as they perform innovative moves and enthrall the onlooking crowd.
    • CROSSNET Sand Series: SoCal: An emerging sport similar to four square and volleyball featuring a centrally placed net and a four-quadrant court. Players are eliminated as the game goes along and the winner is the first player in square four to 11 points.
    • Stern Heads-Up Pinball Invitational: At the Stern Pinball Invitational, players from various locations compete, trying to obtain the highest scores possible.
    • Air Hockey Invitational: At the Air Hockey Invitational, competitors work to get their puck into the opposite team’s goal, scoring enough points to eventually win the game.
    • World Championship Rototiller Races: Competitors run full speed behind a garden tiller as they race up a dirt strip with the goal of getting to the finish line as quickly as possible.
    • 2021 Corgi Races at Emerald Downs: Members of the beloved small dog breed dash down the track to see which one can cross the finish line first.
    • 52nd Annual World Championship Cow Chip Throwing Contest: Originating in Oklahoma, the Cow Chip Championship consists of contestants throwing dried cow feces to see who can make it the farthest distance.
    • 2020 USA Mullet Championships: It’s business in the front and party in the back for contestants with the much-talked-about hairstyle, whose mullets are judged for a chance to win the Mullet Mega Money Pot.
    • 2021 US Air Guitar Championships: “Musicians” use invisible instruments to perform songs for judges in hopes of becoming the US Air Guitar Champion.
    • World Chase Tag USA 2021: World Chase Tag (WCT) combines the dynamic athleticism of Parkour with the age-old game of tag.

ESPN 8: The Ocho 2021 Broadcast Schedule

Date & Time (ET) Event Network
Mon, Aug 2, 7 PM DGPT Disc Golf Portland Open ESPN8
9 PM Foosballers Documentary ESPN8
Wed, Aug 4, 7 PM 2019 World Sign Spinning Championship ESPN8
7:30 PM 46th Annual Cherry Pit Spitting Championship ESPN8
8 PM 2019 Jelle’s Marble Runs ESPN8
8:30 PM Putt Putt Championships ESPN8
9 PM 2020 World Death Diving Championship ESPN8
Thu, Aug 5, 7 PM American E-Kart Championship ESPN8
7:30 PM Dodge Juggle ESPN8
Fri, Aug 6, Midnight Foosballers Documentary ESPN8
2 AM Slippery Stairs as Part of the Ocho ESPN8
2:30 AM 2019 Golden Tee World Championship ESPN8
3 AM Jelle’s Marble Runs ESPN8
3:30 AM Putt Putt World Championship ESPN8
4 AM 2019 Las Vegas Highland Games ESPN8
4:30 AM Professional Arm Wrestling Championship ESPN8
5 AM IDEAL Electricians National Championships ESPN8
6 AM Stupid Robot American Championships ESPN8
7 AM Table Shuffleboard Crazy Eights ESPN8
8 AM Minecraft: Battle of the Boroughs ESPN8
9 AM Foosball World Cup ESPN8
10 AM DGPT Best of Disc Golf Presented by Discraft ESPN8
11 AM 2020 Tetris Championships ESPN8
Noon Pogopalooza ESPN8
1 PM Strongman: Clash on the Coast Record Breakers ESPN8
1:30 PM CROSSNET Sand Series: SoCal ESPN8
2 PM Franklin Rock River Stone Skipping Tournament ESPN8
2:30 PM Stern Heads-Up Pinball Invitational ESPN8
3 PM Air Hockey Invitational ESPN8
3:30 PM World Championship Rototiller Races ESPN8
4 PM 2021 Corgi Races at Emerald Downs ESPN8
4:30 PM 2021 Bagger Bowl ESPN8
5 PM 52 Annual World Championship Cow Chip Throwing Contest ESPN8
5:30 PM 2020 USA Mullet Championships ESPN8
6 PM 2021 US Air Guitar Championships ESPN8
7 PM World Chase Tag USA 2021 ESPN8
9 PM 2021 ACL World Championships (Live) ESPN8
11 PM 2020 Death Diving World Championship ESPN8

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