Chris Berman Signs Multi-Year ESPN Extension


ESPN has signed multi-year agreement with sports commentator ‘Chris Berman.’

Berman will host NFL PrimeTime on ESPN+ and also NFL PrimeTime on ESPN after the Super Bowl and NFL Conference Championship games. He will also continue to contribute commentary, features, interviews and perspective across ESPN shows and platforms, including SportsCenter and beyond.

Chris Berman said “Working at ESPN has been nothing short of a fairytale for me. We all love sports and the excitement they bring us on a daily basis. I’m thrilled to be able to continue this journey and share it with so many talented folks ‘in the building,’ and best of all, countless viewers who share the very same passion. I’d like to say it’s put me over the moon, but I’d better bring it up to date. It’s put me over Mars.”

Norby Williamson, ESPN executive vice president and executive editor said “Quite simply, Chris Berman has personified ESPN’s success for more than four decades. Fans respond to his authentic love of sports, his ability to savor and capture the big moments, and his on-air style that reminds us how live games can truly be equal parts essential and fun. We are delighted Boomer’s magical ride at ESPN will continue for years to come.”

Berman, who joined ESPN a month after its September 7, 1979 launch, will continue to bring his uniquely energetic and passionate style to various high-profile assignments.

Chris Berman Signs Multi-Year ESPN Extension First Published On ESPN Press Room

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